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MAE 110A Winter 2010 HW #3 Due: Friday, February 5 (beginning of class 12:00 noon) Text Problems: 4.37, 4.42, 4.59, 4.65, 4.92 Handout Problems: H3.1 Perform a web search to view examples and learn operation of the following devices: nozzle, di±user, valve, turbine, compressor, pump, heat exchanger. Select one device and its use in a practical/engineering application (e.g., turbine in an engine turbocharger). Explain (one para- graph) the speci²c purpose and operation of the device in the application. Be sure to cite any references/sources of information used. H3.2 Steam enters the condenser of a steam power plant at 20 kPa and a quality of 95% with a mass ³ow rate of 20,000 kg/hr. It is to be cooled by water from a nearby river by circulating the water through the condenser (consider the condenser as a shell and tube heat exchanger with
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Unformatted text preview: the cooling water owing through the tube and steam owing through the shell). To prevent thermal pollution, the river water is not allowed to experience a temperature rise above 10 C. If the steam is to leave the condenser as saturated liquid at 20 kPa, determine the mass ow rate of the cooling water required. H3.3 A 2 m 3 rigid tank initially contains air at 100 kPa and 22 C. The tank is connected to a supply line through a valve. Air is owing in the supply line at 600 kPa and 22 C. The valve is opened, and air allowed to enter the tank until the pressure in the tank reaches the line pressure, at which point the valve is closed. The temperature of the nal state is 77 C. Determine: a. mass of air that entered the tank [kg] b. heat transfer during the lling process [kJ]...
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