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Name S*r'lrrryr '/\{l" MAE 110A Winter 2010 - qUru #r For each of the processes given below: i) indicate appropriate system (with dashed lines) and directions of any energy transfer by rvork (W) and/or heat (Q) (rvith labeled arro\vs) on the provided sketch. ii) indicate for each of the underbraced terms in the given equation(s), rvhethel it is positive (*), negative (-), zero (0), or indeterminate(?). Processes: 1. A just boiled egg is removed from the pot of boiling rvater ancl placed in a boll'l filled l'ith cold'rvater. Consicler the process from the time thp orrs irrsf enfcys the borvl to a time 10 minutes later.
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Unformatted text preview: AI{E + APE + . -t;-i!.i . !, r t\ .l t \ ' t *' ,r i-'':-r I t) r T,Tr \4 i|t -i- | r in \,-, \\-/ \- ,. \*,, .'-1- i \ n \< out-._! -o ,t{ ouL ATI +-I,T I ttout i_* l 2. Air in a piston-cylinder assembly undergoes an adiabatic compression process. LI{E + APE + AU : Qn + \I.rn Qout \\'out \,/ \,/ \/ \1/ \,/ t i-- -t- {,' a-TT' jt 12 12 : I PdI'' J\ 3. Gas is contained in an insulated piston-cylinder assembll. . Current is passed through an electrical resistor and the sas exDands. \ .r i,t, l: ,) \' AIiE + APE + n. -l_ lI/. \qtn I ttttl \,/ \/ i-.?.f I TT' v| out I I Atr I :l J1 \\,,,---\-t pdV...
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