censorship - L aughlin, G. Conor February 09 Berner,...

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Laughlin, G. Conor February 09 Berner, Melanie English-102 Censorship: How it Completely #$%^s Us Censorship is defined as the suppression of speech or the deletion of communicative material, which may be considered objectionable, harmful, or sensitive as determined by a censor. We see it everyday in our lives: on television, the radio, newsprint, etc. The first amendment of the U.S. constitution gives us the right of free speech. So, why does our government, which is bound to protect the rights of its citizens, limit speech and ignore the first amendment? And why is the media allowed to shape our lives by providing misinformation? Censorship has a huge effect on our lives by limiting what we say, hear, see, and what we do. To the American people, free speech has always been an integral aspect to life. Without it, the American dream would not exist as it is seen today. We fought a war to ensure these rights. Throughout world history, free speech and other basic human rights have been repressed. Not even the idea
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that people had rights, much less free speech, existed in people’s minds. Nazi Germany, the USSR, and Communist China are but a few examples. The very reason why the United States exists today is because our founding fathers stood up because they wanted the rights they believed that everyone
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censorship - L aughlin, G. Conor February 09 Berner,...

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