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Engineering notes 01 - Mission statement Group goals Group...

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Engineers need management and communication skills A good engineer must know how to work within the framework of a team, keep a project on track, and maintain good documentation Teamwork is a skill you must master if you are to be a good engineer Even the smallest project requires multiple people with multiple talents Technical issues are only part of the story Building the team Agree upon goals Does team understand limitations? Define clear roles Define procedures Team meeting/ calendar Contact list Design takes time Time line Gantt chart Budget Develop good relationships Define leadership roles Develop good listening skills and respect for each others talents First meeting Get to know each other Contact sheer Establish roles Gantt chart Team calendars Establish goals and objectives Team charter Contact info Sub team, roles within the group
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Unformatted text preview: Mission statement Group goals Group discipline Download template on webct Palmer 200A Listen Whole team is responsible for the outcome of project Journals Document progress in creating hovercraft Will be collected randomly On Wednesday Award for individual effort on the team 10% of grade download form and keep in binder must include journal entry pages on webct contact info team charter, rules, agreements any project notes, info ,research Calculations Forming teams Mega teams announced 9/3 Conduct interviews Ask questions Hovercraft Specifcations See complete list on webct No dimension/ weight restrictions Only skirt touch ground Must hover atleast 10 minutes Must autonomously navigate course What will I need? Fans, skirts, and deck material, tape, batteries, wire ,misc. $250 limit...
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