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G. Conor Laughlin English-101 Tom Hertweck Sept. 18 2008 Dear George Lucas, I know you probably hear this to the point of annoyance, but I’m a huge fan. I have seen all episodes of Star Wars so much; I have memorized almost every single line. I have even studied the symbolism of the characters and worlds of the movies and the extended universe. My personal favorite was Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. I am also a huge fan of the Indiana Jones series. They were a great combination of religious commentary and just plain kicking Nazi ass. I loved American Graffiti. It was a great coming of age story and I related to it a great deal this last summer because it was my last summer before college. Willow was a child time favorite of mine. And all the new Star Wars movies were amazing. Crystal Skull was brilliantly written, playing off the fears of the nineteen fifty’s. I even enjoyed the Clone Wars Movie. And your involvement in The Force Unleashed videogame made it that much more phenomenal. I admire so much about you: your creativeness, your amazing storytelling, but
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