Fitness Goals - Always keep running during Sigma runs....

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Fitness Goals Get Back into Shape Go to Lombardi at least three times a week Establish a tough workout regimen Work different muscle groups each visit Giveve more than my best effort at Sigma workouts Get six pack abs Do abdominal workouts every day Never wimp out on any exercise Push myself to my limits at Sigma workouts Run an eight minute mile Run to Lombardi from Nye every visit Do cardio-vascular workouts at Lombardi, like the treadmill or stair master
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Unformatted text preview: Always keep running during Sigma runs. Establish and maintain a healthy, steady diet Lose ten pounds before the semester is over Lose my turkey neck Cut out fried foods entirely Cut out fast food entirely Cut out on sodas and any thing with high sugar entirely Eat less at meals Eat healthier at the dc Get smaller sandwiches at port of subs or get a salad Drink more water Eat leaner meats Don’t drink every weekend...
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