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music appreciation - Laughlin G Conor Music Appreciation As...

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Laughlin, G. Conor. Music Appreciation October 26, 2008 As I have grown, so has my love and appreciation for classical music. I used to think I was boring, old, “grandpa” music. I thought that if it didn’t have guitar, it wasn’t good music. But then I actually started listening and I thought I would give it a chance. My uncle introduced me to the music of Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach. I thought that this was pretty cool and that I wanted to play something like that. So, I played alto and baritone saxophone for the band in middle school and that greatly increased my love for classical music. It also helped that my family is very musically oriented. My younger brother and my uncle both play upright bass and I have seen both in concert many times and every single time it was amazing. I myself play electric bass guitar, guitar, and drums. Now today I have a greater appreciation of all kinds of music. I have been to many concerts, but the most recent one was the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert was held at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts. The concert lasted for about two and a half hours. The Orchestra performed three pieces of music: Chamber Symphony by Pierre Jalbert, Concerto for Violin in A minor by Alexander Glazunov with guest violin soloist Maia Cabeza, and Symphony No. Three “Eroica” by Ludwig van Beethoven. Chamber Symphony and Concerto for Violin in A minor both had three movements and Eroica had four. The conductor for the orchestra was Rebecca Miller. The orchestra consisted of violins, violas, cellos, basses, brass instruments, woodwinds, and various percussion instruments. The whole concert had a
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very professional attitude.
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