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music response - In a sense I experienced the exact...

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Laughlin, G. Conor Music Appreciation November 24, 2008 What the hell is classical music anyways? The genre of classical music has never been a clearly defined grouping of music to me. Basically, anything that was played by an orchestra was classical music to me. Until recently I had never paid it much attention. It always seemed like the music snobby, stuck-up, rich people would play at their boring wine sipping parties. Then I learned that classical was not necessarily a music genre but more of a time period of music. But people still use the term classical to describe a very diverse group of music. Alex Ross addressed this in his essay “ Listen to This .” He explained that the name “classical” tries to make certain music seem better, or more elite. I related to him in a very interesting way.
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Unformatted text preview: In a sense I experienced the exact opposite effect. For most of my childhood, I listened to alternative rock radio stations and utterly despised “classical” music. It just didn’t sound exciting enough to keep my attention. But in recent years, I have developed a taste for it. I would say I agree with Ross on this topic. It makes it seem that if you’re not a two-hundred-year-old, dead composer, you aren’t worth listening to. Also the fact that he addresses the fact that the opposite of what happened to him might happen to someone else. I’m a good example of that. Before reading this essay, I wouldn’t think twice about the label of classical music. Now I completely agree with Ross. “If it is worth loving, it must be great; no more be said.”...
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music response - In a sense I experienced the exact...

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