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Laughlin, G. Conor English 101 December 7, 2008 Hertweck, Tom Tom, I don’t think my writing style has changed much after being in this class, but there have been some small changes. I learned a few new concepts, like ethos, pathos, and logos, and how they are used in writing. I think that I have become more efficient as a writer, if that is possible. But in all honesty, I feel I am pretty competent as a writer most of the time. My writing covers the criteria and all that is required, but sometimes that is all it does. I do not really go beyond what is required of me sometimes. But I think that is a reflection of what kind of person I am. I am a pretty reserved, quiet guy. I don’t have a lot to say in conversations so I think that shows up in my writing too. I do have some shining moments of voice; they usually consist of smart- ass remarks but are things I would say nonetheless. I’d say my greatest weakness, as a writer, is my voice. I just don’t seem to say some things with a lot of feeling. Even with my autobiography, which almost requires all voice, you noted that it
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