Prelab 3 - • 7H 2 O has 7"waters of hydration"...

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1 Page 1 of 1 Name _________________________________ Required Pre Laboratory Assignment for Experiment 3: Gravimetric Determination of Phosphorus in Plant Food Due to your TA in lab before beginning this experiment. If you need help with any of these exercises, see your instructor or TA ahead of time. Safety: Wear safety goggles at all times. 1. Be familiar with the following terms used throughout the experiment: Precipitation is the process where an insoluble solid is formed by a reaction in solution. Standard Deviation is measure of the precision of a data set. Examples are on pages 36-38 of the laboratory manual. A Hydrate is a solid that has one or more water molecules attached to each formula unit. The number of water molecules is indicated by " x H 2 O" after the chemical formula, where x is a small integer value, usually 1 – 7. Example: MgSO4
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Unformatted text preview: • 7H 2 O has 7 "waters of hydration". Each water of hydration is included in the formula weight of the solid. 2. Read the Experiment and answer the following questions; Show all calculations : a. What is the complete chemical name, the complete chemical formula and the formula weight of the precipitate that you will form in this experiment? ( Hint: Read the paragraph, including the reaction shown, after the solution to Example 1 on page 34 of the laboratory manual, and be sure to include the waters of hydration ) Name: ______________________________________ Formula ______________________________________ Formula Weight _________________________________ b. What is the percentage by mass of phosphorus in the precipitate in part a, above? ( See Sample and Practice Exercises 3.6 on pages 88-89 of your lecture text for examples .)...
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