proposal for metal - just loud noise They don’t...

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Laughlin, G. Conor English-102 March 31, 2009 Berner, Melanie The research question I would like to address is “How has metal as music changed in the last 30 years?” To do this, I am going to look at several things. First, how did metal start in the first place? Which bands pioneered the genre? How did it grow in popularity? How did metal evolve in different countries? What are some important metal bands, past and present? How many sub-genres are there? How has mainstream media affected it? How has song structure evolved? I will search the library for documentaries and reference books, my own personal knowledge and connection, and the music itself. I will also use publications such as Revolver magazine, Guitar player, and Bass player magazine. There are several reasons this topic is important. First, there are two major extremes in opinion on metal, either people love it or hate it. Many people have misconceptions on the music itself and immediately write it of as
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Unformatted text preview: just loud noise. They don’t appreciate the talent that many musicians have. Second, metal has had many fluctuations; it has been good and bad, very bad. It currently, in many opinions, is on the rise again. We need to compare different times of good and bad, see how they are alike or differ, and know what makes metal good or bad. I already have a basic knowledge of many genres of metal and how they differ. I also play guitar, bass, and drums, so I also know basic song structure. I also have done some online searching for possible sources of further information. One such source is the VH1 documentary Heavy: The Story Of Metal . But no doubt, my biggest recourse will be the music itself. I will listen to various genres of metal to further understand the differences between the genres and how each has progressed over the years...
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proposal for metal - just loud noise They don’t...

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