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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 6 01/28/10 Sorry guys, I saved over the lecture notes for this lecture ;_____; …. It was the most detailed lecture too…. Sorry!!! KAMAKURA BUDDHISM, AN ACCOUNT OF MY HUT and ESSAYS IN IDLENESS Buddhism Basics Teachings of the Historical Buddha Sakyamuni (566 BCE-486 BCE) Four Noble Truths: 1) Life is suffering, 2) Suffering comes from desire/attachment, 3) Extinguish desire to end suffering, 4)Follow the Eight-Fold Path Goal was to break the Cycle of Rebirth ( karma) and attain Enlightenment ( nirvana ) Mappô (End of the Buddhist Law)  � Age of True Dharma � Age of Illusory Dharma � Age of Degenerate Dharma � Pure Land Buddhism Belief in Amida, nenbutsu  � tariki  � “ other power” vs. jiriki  � “ self power” Genshin  � (942-1017): Introduces Pure Land Buddhism  � , author of Essentials of Salvation...
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