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Lecture 8 - • immaturity and arrogan-Yoshitsune(brother...

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Lecture 8 2/4/2010 Kiyomori - good fighter but not good leader - underestimates his enemy - sends a punitive force out to Yoritomo - scared by a flock of birds - punitive force to Nara to deal with rebellious monks of Mount Hiei get their heads chopped off - sends another force to deal with monks Shigemori burns down the temple Tsunemasa - example of the balance of Chikubushima Yoshinaka’s brilliant strategies - divides up his 50,000 horsemen into 7 groups strategical purposes For a warrior to risk his life to submit his poems, he must have been more interested in the literary over the military side. Yoshinaka becomes arrogant after coming into power - makes fun of _____ because he has a cat in his name
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Unformatted text preview: • immaturity and arrogan-Yoshitsune (brother of Yoritomo) sent out by Go-Shirakawara to deal with Yoshinaka Yoritomo has two good horses--Takatsune says that he stole the horse so there is no problem with favoritism Old man who dies his hair so he can battle on the field Nanori — announce name in banner-falls off his horse, tossed onto the bank by godfather and announces his name Young lad with the flute who looks like ____’s son Many of the Taira end up taking their own lives as they are being defeated :D’’’ kinda got lazy at the end, sorry! Blame Daniel!! :P he was talking to me kekeke...
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