Lecture 9 - can switch subjects without a lot of effort...

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Lecture 8 2/2/2010 Linked Verse ( renga i ) - verse-capping from early Heian Period - 5-7-5 linked to 7-7 linked to 5-7-5, etc.: If not for her, for whom would I feel this longing without end? Nothing approaches The enchantment of her (its) appearance. Even plants and trees show their grief at the ancient capital. - Seen a fun diversion from high-stressed, rigid, poetic compositions Poetry was competitive many times - 5-7-5 —> 7-7 by another —> 5-7-5 by yet another, etc. - would eventually serve as a poem - as time passed, came certain criteria used to judge such poems Nijou Yoshimoto (1320-1388) - Tsukubashuu e (1356) - Renga shinshiki e (1372) - his prestige elevated the linked verse to a respected form - gave it more and more rules - start with a longer verse that enables a lot of connections - possibility of linked verse being successful in Japan is high because: ambiguity of subject and pronouns go can mean I go, you go, she/he goes
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Unformatted text preview: can switch subjects without a lot of effort Three Poets at Minase & &E •“ v (1488)-Sougi v± (1421-1502)-Shouhaku v± (14443-1527)-Souchou v± (1448-1532) Linking Techniques: Expansion: In the morning calm the sky retains not a trace of last nights’ clouds. Shouhaku In snow how bright is the gleam Of farm mountains all around! Souchou Shift in Meaning: Must it interrupt my dreams— this hateful wind in the reeds? Shouhaku All there was to see were the sad remnants of my old home, people I once knew Souchou Lecture 8 2/2/2010 Kwaidan i& (1964)-Director Kobayashi Masaki-Winner of several awards Won Jury Prize at Cannes 1965 Nominated for Academy Award 1965 Winner of Kineme Junpo, other awards in Japan and internationally-Four stories by Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904) “Houichi, the Earless”...
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Lecture 9 - can switch subjects without a lot of effort...

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