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Lecture 8 2/2/2010 Haikai - comic or unorthodox literature less rules than the renga used for comic tradition, more fun and lighthearted! used long time ago but not written down meant for entertainment - most fundamentally refers to linked verse - Yamazaki Soukan (d. 1534?): Dog Tsukuba Collection - popularity among commoners social activity fewer and less strict rules Styles - can use as dialogue between poet and older poet from centuries ago
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Unformatted text preview: -use another poets characters and make a narrative between them-make jokes Hitomaros pheasant poetry > food! the monkeys behind, like a leaf that never loses its autumn red!-combine gaps in time! > Kokinshuu and Heike Evolution-17 syllables ( kami no ku 5/7/5)-develops into the haiku...
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