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Lecture 12 - -series of travel accounts perfect his...

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Lecture 8 2/2/2010 Haikai a and Haiku a - haikai = nonstandard, sometimes comic poetry or prose - combination of highbrow and lowbrow - use of wordplay and earthy humor - hokku e = first “link” in linked verse - haiku = later term for 5-7-5- syllable and nonstandard verse Nonstandard Topics - famous beautiful flower —> eats it - toilets, urination and horses in poems - but includes known works and famous people —> high word Matsuo Bashou (1644-1694) - humble beginnings, classical training - credited with perfecting haiku form - forms own school in 1677, many followers - “Banana Plant” cottage by 1682
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Unformatted text preview: -series of travel accounts perfect his style-sought beauty, communion with nature 222 Travel Literature ( kikou bungaku a )-traced back to The Tosa Diary-places names ( uta makura ) as landmarks-combination of poetry and prose-emulation of Saigyou (118-1190)-Bashou • The Journey of 1684 = Nozarashi kikou (1684) • The Narrow Road of the Interior = Oku no hosomichi a (1689, published 1694) Bashou’s haiku Sabi At an ancient pond A frog jups in— The sound of water On a withered branch A crow alights— Evening in autumn Karumi...
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