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Lec 24 & 25 - when the two species are together...

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The better competitor species (daphnia) higher volumes of water remove phytoplankton and causes lower equilibrium densities of the food, phytoplankton [when lambda of daphnia = 1 and concentration of phytoplankton = 1] pulicaria can deplete algae to lower levels than galaria and can lower equilbirum to lower level
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Unformatted text preview: when the two species are together, they graze the equilibrium to a different level-lower or high er?-On av er a g e, it’s lower th a n th e g alat e a sp ecies, but high er th a n p ulcaria-Intersp ecific co m p e tition: p ulicaria la m bd a > 1 g alat e a la m bd a > 1 incre a sing g...
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