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HWK 3_Part 1 - MSE 2060 SPRING 2010 HOMEWORK General Info...

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MSE 2060 SPRING 2010 HOMEWORK General Info about Homework Sets (the small print) There will be five homework sets for this class. Each will be out on a Monday, the material necessary to answer all questions will be covered by the following Friday and the homework will be due at 3pm the Friday after that. (i.e. you will have almost two weeks to complete the homework). It is probably easiest to put your homework in the box at the beginning of Friday’s lecture, but if you wish to hand it in later than this please bring it to the TA’s office (Thurston 303) and put it in the box. We will then do our best to return your graded homework a week after the due date. Given out on: Material covered by: Due on: Homework 1 2/8 2/12 2/19 Homework 2 2/22 2/26 3/5 Homework 3 3/15 3/19 3/31 Homework 4 4/5 4/9 4/16 Homework 5 4/26 4/30 5/6 Some students last semester took to coming to office hours and working through homework sets there and this seemed to be a good system. Office hours provide a nice quiet environment for getting work done, you might learn more from discussing the homework with other students and you’re much more likely to ask questions and resolve gaps in understanding if you’re already in a room with a TA in so I encourage you to do this for MSE 2060. Come to office hours! TA Office hours: Tues 4.30-6pm Bard 210 Thurs 11.30-1pm Thurston 204 Thurs 4-4.30pm Bard 210 Please do also ask questions via email (or Skype or GChat) outside of office hours and I will do my best to reply to them quickly (although emailing me questions on the Thursday evening before the homework is due may be too last minute…) Late policy: We will accept homeworks up to 24 hours late. If you get it in the box by midnight on Friday your score will be reduced by 20%. If you get it in after that but before 3pm on Saturday your score will be reduced by 50%. Solutions will be posted at 3pm Saturday so homeworks more than 24 hours late will not be accepted.
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This note was uploaded on 04/21/2010 for the course MS&E 2060 taught by Professor Robinson during the Spring '10 term at Cornell.

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HWK 3_Part 1 - MSE 2060 SPRING 2010 HOMEWORK General Info...

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