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book review PSC - Name: Kwadwo Ewudzie Book Review:...

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Name: Kwadwo Ewudzie Instructor: Professor H. Campbell Book Review: PSC 364 KING LEOPOLD’S GHOST King Leopold’s Ghost, I believe is a book every individual needs to read. It points out how cruel nature of human beings towards other human beings (Africans). It gives the reader an in-depth account of the conquests and massacre of human beings by King Leopold of Belgium. I'm left to believe though that the crimes committed by King Leopold might've actually been worse than depicted in the book. The author stated how Leopold had always been obsessed with geography and also, with acquiring bigger lands as if Belgium wasn't a big place enough for the few millions of inhabitants at the time. Also, what I didn't understand is how anybody could try to claim a land that’s distant (on a continental level) as part of their country, and how that was even allowable? The author further makes known how Leopold knew that, if he made his plans for the Congo known to the world, he wouldn't have been able to succeed, so camouflaged it as a philanthropic exhibition. This made the developed world sign off on it and accepted his plight. Of course, he couldn't have done it all by himself so he got Henry Morton Stanley (a very despicable person who took lives of many African) to back him up. The author of the book showed how calculated Leopold was and how he had seen the Congo as the ideal place for his conquest. He enslaved the people and used them (slave labor) to
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book review PSC - Name: Kwadwo Ewudzie Book Review:...

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