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Com 140 Week 7 DQ 1 and 2 - you can explain and summaries...

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Discussion Questions #1 · Suggest options for presenting information to an audience. Which method do you think is most effective? Explain your answer. There are four types of presentations we are ready about. They are Power Point (Allows users to design and present information in a slideshow it is one of the most common media business tool), Oral Presentation (Are used to discuss topics in front of audience. Effective oral presentation includes visual or graphics), Report (Consist of several types of communications), and Flyers or Brochures (Are usually short documents with graphics and limed text). These are some of the types of presentation for different audiences. It also depends on what type of audience. Because if you get to know your audience your audience will tell you which presentation to use. In my suggestion I would use a visual like a power point slide show along with an oral presentation. The reason why I chose this is because I would give a visual on what I am offering. Show them what they want to know. But you can also in your oral presentation
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Unformatted text preview: you can explain and summaries your visual presentation and what it is showing. Discussion Questions #2 What strategies may you use to incorporate effective visual elements into business presentations? Explain your answer. Seen this is my first PowerPoint presentation, well the first time I have used PowerPoint at all to tell the truth. I am hoping to have a few visuals that pop out. The biggest thing is that I do not want to put to many visuals and too much information where I end up over loading the presentation and losing my audience. To help grab my audience and keep a good mood in the room I am going to be using bright colors and bright visuals. I would watch what I say give a little back ground on the company and then go straight to the point of solving the company's problem. With this being PowerPoint I know that I can add in some animations to help hold my audience as well. I am just hoping I can put all this together where it works out the way I want it to....
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