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Week 7: CheckPoint: Effective Presentations For my Final project I plan to use backgrounds and borders to enhance the text of the presentation. I will use images that correlate to the text on each slide. Special effects will be used to enhance important phrases and words. My presentation will be clean and clear, not overloaded with too much information or graphics. I plan to use simple fonts with a blue background or border. I chose blue as the color because it is very soothing and not too loud. Blue tends to relax people, therefore, using this color will greatly impact the effectiveness of the presentation. I don't intend on using vibrant colors. Many people think that to get a point across the presentation must have the use of over-the-top graphics and layouts; I, however will present my idea professionally by using persuasive words and emphasizing importance of
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Unformatted text preview: the text by highlighting or underlining. This will give the ability for the audience to take notes of important points within the presentation and ask open questions at the end. Some of the graphics I intend on using will consist of pictures of children playing in daycare centers as well as graphics of the working parents. Each graphic will be correctly formatted to enhance the message of the text on each particular slide. My presentation will not include music or tones of any kind. I want the message to be clear and concise with minimal distractions. The audience must be able to engage fully in the topic I am presenting (opening a daycare in the building). I intend on keeping the attention of the audience by stating interesting facts on why I think my topic will be successful....
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