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Week 6:CheckPoint: Creating Effective Documents I would say that incorporating page numbers and headers and a title page are more important in formatting an academic paper. These guidelines are not only important in formatting an academic paper but in formatting a business document as well. The font, margin and spacing guidelines I have noticed with past experience are not used as much, though could have been, in a business message. With a few companies that I have worked for I have been able to reformat documents in the past using the guidelines presented in the handbook. I believe that it would be equally as important to have a professionally written business document following the same guidelines as an academic paper due to the fact that the schooling
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Unformatted text preview: provided to you lays a foundation for creating documents in the correct manner and in turn should be further used when building a business document. The importance of following the guidelines for proper font, margin and spacing is that it helps one to design a professional, proper and complete paper for submittal. I would suggest to be sure to place your papers content in a manner that is structured, organized and has a set path for the reader to follow. This can be accomplished by structuring an organized table of contents and using it as your guideline in inputting the content of your paper....
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