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Com 140 Week 5 checkpoint persuasive memo - the building...

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Week 5:checkpoint: persuasive memo This memo is for the committee I believe the coffee shop would do great because there are a lot of people here that drink coffee. It is kind of hard around here with all the long hours. Plus think about this how much time is lost in making trips to go get coffee? That is a lot of time just wasted and could be saved with having Seattle's best coffee shop in the breaker. To make it even better they would not even have to stop working but they could call in an order for meetings and then when ready go down stairs. Also just about everyone in
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Unformatted text preview: the building would us the coffee shop. Digiflator of course with the long days and nights. Plus having meetings with important clients, bet they would like some fresh coffee the way they like it. Then you have the young lawyer and their clients drinking coffee. Third the insurance company people coming and going from their buying coffee as well. And last but not least the dentist with his staff, bet they would like it throughout the day. The coffee shop would small but adequate to provide service....
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