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Week 2: Assignment: Online Resources In addition to the WritePoint and the plagiarism checker the center for writing excellence offers writing and style guidelines, tutorials and guides, and knowledge base/FAQs. The writing and style guidelines offer different styles of writing and guidelines for the writer. It also offers tutorials and guides that is used in learning what your classes are and guides for your classes. The two resources that I would find most helpful to me would be writing and styles guidelines and the tutorials and guides. When I submitted my paper to WritePoint it gave me some suggestions on my writing like my
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Unformatted text preview: commons, suggestions on writing certain sentences in a different way and using more specific adjectives, and choosing proper words in certain sentences. The feedback on my WritePoint was very good feedback it showed me where I had made simple mistakes which was something I needed to know. On my plagiarism checker there was no feedback and the most valuable part of the feedback to me was the WritePoint. Even though there was no feedback on the plagiarism checker I still find it a great resource because it will help later on with my reports to make sure I use the right citation and reference things the right way....
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