Com 150 Week 7 DQ - the difference between criminal intent(sin and people who commit criminal actions due to circumstance In his conclusion he

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Week 7 DQ 1 The article I chose was “Jobbed” by Phillip Levin. The article introduction was a story or anecdote. It shared the experience between Phillip and Andy Griffin. The impact was that it was from Phillip's history of work and the experiences that made him who he became. The good and the bad he was made stronger and wiser while he worked alongside a good man who shared what he knew in order to make him a valuable employer. Because of what he learned and experienced during this time showed that his eyes were closed to what the real world was like. The introduction of the story began with why he wanted to work and the reason he worked where he was working. DQ 2 The article I chose was the Difference between Sin and Circumstance. In this article, the author discusses
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Unformatted text preview: the difference between criminal intent (sin) and people who commit criminal actions due to circumstance. In his conclusion, he writes that Andrea Yates’ crime of drowning her 5 children in a bathtub was “an awfulness that somehow drifts outside the limits or the relevance of justice—a failure of nature, like the scrambled instruments of whales that relentlessly swim onto beaches, to drown themselves in the air.” This statement is a surprising twist, given that the rest of the article was about a completely different case. The author is showing us that he is willing to place his “Coleridge line” perhaps further to the center than we might expect....
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