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In this situation, the valid argument is, “Anyone who wants a comfortable, clean home needs this amazing vacuum cleaner.” Which leaves the statement, “Our carpets are clean and we already have a working vacuum cleaner. We don’t need a new one,” to be the sound argument. I believe that it would be more important for my argument to be sound. An argument that is valid is not necessarily right or wrong; it is just a point that has merit. However, a sound argument has been researched and supported by facts. Therefore, it cannot be proven false. I also
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Unformatted text preview: believe that in some cases it does not matter if the argument is valid or sound. Some people are just drawn to what they want to hear and believe. With that being said, if and when I create an argument I would like to keep both valid and sound in mind. I believe the most important things to know and pay attention to is audience and to appeal to them. What I find the most intriguing about articles or novels is when the author pays attention to the audience and what he or she might enjoy....
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