CRT 205 Week 3 Checkpoint 1 Argument Credibility

CRT 205 Week 3 Checkpoint 1 Argument Credibility - York...

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Week 3: Checkpoint 1: Argument Credibility NYC couple: Cops have wrong address - again Say police have mistakenly raided their home 50 times looking for crooks The claims being made in my article is that no one's information is safe. To be honest this article really got to me. Here you have an elderly couple in their 80's and there are 15 different people besides them that have their address and have never lived there. Because of this the police departments from New York to the Bronx have been knocking on their door looking over and over again looking for criminals. The New
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Unformatted text preview: York police department's has no clue to why this has happen and has their identity theft squad investigating. The couple really hopes to find out what has happen and to fix it because even though they have not done anything wrong it still brings up their blood pressure with police banging on their door. The author has no expertise of this article that I can tell. By looking at the way the article is written I would say the author is not bias and I would say to be trustworthy. The reason being is because they stated the facts of what was going on and I did not see any opinions from the author just from the elderly couple....
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