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Week 1: CheckPoint: Taking a Position Part A The key issue from the comic strip is honesty and morality. In the strip it shows that even if you are on hard times and are able to get away with something to make it better you should not break the law. Anita did not jump to a judgment but waited and thought about everything. She thought about how risky it was and told her friend she would think about it. This shows that she was not totally against it. Anita thought about her empty wallet, thinking she needed money. Which allowed her to think about wanting to take the risk. But after thinking logically about the pros and cons of having money, the risk, and her morals she decided that what her friend was doing was wrong. I believe that she took action, solved a problem, and made a decision. What I mean is she decided on what she was going to do, take action by making the phone call and turning in her co-worker, and solving a problem for human resources even if they did not know of the
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