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CRT 205 Week 1 Assignment Supporting a Position

CRT 205 Week 1 Assignment Supporting a Position - Week 1...

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Week 1: Assignment: Supporting a Position In my opinion I am against capital punishment, I do not believe the United States should allow this kind of unconstitutional punishment. For many years now people have committed crimes that would lead to the death penalty in many states in the United States. Over the years I am sure there have been many people who have been wrongfully convicted of murder and received the death penalty from the results of their convictions. There have also been people that have been exonerated from charges and released from prison of the crimes that they had been wrongfully convicted of. The two reasons I have stated is why I do not believe in capital punishment, there just is not always enough evidence for some people to be guilty. At least if a person is wrongfully convicted and has to spend the rest of his or her life in prison than there is a chance that technology could eventually prove that this person is innocent, If indeed they are.
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