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Week 9: Capstone CheckPoint You are at your graduation dinner. Your best friend or favorite relative stands up and talks about your five most significant strengths that contributed to your successful graduation from college. What do you think they are? My five significant strengths they would speak of would be self confidence, ability to cope, and good time management skills, friendliness, and being open minded. This is not a skill but I believe this will help with be being able to successful graduate is team work. The reason is because even though we never really meet our classmates but we do have to do some assignments as a team. Being able to work with others helps in class as well as in the work force. My self confidence is really important to get though college because without it I would not be able to get though my assignments thus not getting though my classes. My ability to cope really does help in school because I am able to take what grade I get no matter what it is good or bad and deal with it while learning from it to improve. Now my time management skills started
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