Gen 105 Week 7 CheckPoint Reading and Comprehension

Gen 105 Week 7 CheckPoint Reading and Comprehension - Week...

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Week 7: CheckPoint: Reading and Comprehension - do the unexpected - look for sources on educational web sites, do interviews or ask the business press - do not mention interesting information in PowerPoint slides, only key points - Practice speech with body language before the presentation and look for own ticks - do not make any jokes - use powerful props - make the audience to the main character and solve problems with them - explain terms and acronyms - slides are there to highlight key words - not the PowerPoint presentation itself runs the presentation My approach to reading this selection was to look over the section seeing the main points. I then started at the top and begin to read it making sure that I understand each part before moving on to the next part. Most of the time my setting is having a lot of things going on behind me. For example having my wife cooking, my son playing or crying, phone ringing off and on for work, and even sometimes the TV going. For this assignment my setting was my wife cooking and my son playing on the floor with
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