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Week Six - Discussion Question 1 How do you spend most of your time? Do you think that your time is managed effectively? Explain your reasons. Most of my time is spent working. I work Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, but I am on call everyday of the week. There are times I get home from work and end up going right back out to do more work. And the same goes for the weekend having to take calls and go fix this and that. In between this I try and do my school work, as well as spend time with my fiancé and son. There are times that something in my life ends up suffering because of this. I mean I may end up having to do an assignment late or can be typing it up and it hit midnight the night it is due. And there are times I cannot spend the time I want to with my fiancé and son. This is what hurts the most. But she does understand that things get busy for me between work and school. The only thing I really try and make sure that does not surfer as much is my son. He is 8 months old and I
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