Gen 105 Week Four DQ 1 and 2 - Week Four - Discussion...

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Week Four - Discussion Question 1 Due Date: Review the Academic Honesty section of this syllabus located in the Policies and Procedures front matter. Consider the following: The Axia College Catalog located on aXcess explains important academic honesty policies. Its Code of Student Responsibility states that students should “Adhere strictly to University standards on plagiarism and academic cheating” (Axia College Catalog, 2006, p. 27). Additionally, the Standards of Student Behavior describe punishable misconduct as including these academic dishonesty offenses: 11. Plagiarism - representing the words or ideas of another as one's own in an academic exercise. 12. Unlawful use or acquisition of copyrighted works. 13. Helping another student cheat, fabricate, plagiarize, or unlawfully acquire or use copyrighted works. ( Axia College Catalog , 2006, pp. 27-28). Post your response to the following: Axia College takes academic honesty seriously. Think for a moment about an author whose original work has been plagiarized by a
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Gen 105 Week Four DQ 1 and 2 - Week Four - Discussion...

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