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Gen 105 Week 3 Check Point Technological Tool

Gen 105 Week 3 Check Point Technological Tool - understand...

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Week Three:Check Point: Technological Tool My opinion on the technological tools provided by Axia College, like the audio appendixes are great. Because you can download them to your portable devices like laptops, mp3, PDA’s and computers. So that you can listen to them when you can get to them. Digital stories are good; because they help you understand what is needed in the assignment. This way your mind is where it needs to be ,for example the digital story that help me understand one of my assignment was the elevator story. It helped me in setting my mind in a way that I understood the task at hand. As for the tutorials they helped me in my writing and tone along with my content. Now I am able to
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Unformatted text preview: understand what the teacher want me to accomplish. The reason I feel this way is, because when I was in high school I did not have these tools at my disposal. The option of being able to download the appendixes, have improved my education. For example I can listen to my appendixes and my digital stories while on my lunch hour. Yes it makes learning more convenient and a lot easier to learn. Yes it does help me learn in different ways. Because it opens my mind o direct ways of learning. No it would be something I would use because it help me in my classes and my research. My attitude toward all of these is a good one....
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