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Week 6 DQ 1 President Nixon was caught obstructing justice and participating in cover ups of felonies. Some people who say that he didn't do anything wrong don't know the facts very well in my opinion. The main reason he wasn't impeached was because he resigned before the vote on the articles of impeachment took place in the house. Some Republican Congressman went to the white house and told Nixon that the articles would pass and that he most likely would be convicted in a senate trial. DQ 2 Watergate has allowed journalist to think that they can become famous by breaking a big story
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Unformatted text preview: on political corruption as Woodward and Berstein did in breaking the Watergate story. So this has made today’s journalist much more aggressive since they know they are only one story away from worldwide fame. Also anyone can break a big story now with the power of the internet so anyone can break the big story. Journalist are justified in being bold because if wrongdoers are afraid they will get media attention they will be less likely to commit crimes....
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