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Week 4: DQ 1 The Civil Rights Movement is normally defined as the struggle again racial segregation that began in 1955. Some even say the Civil Rights movement really did not get started until the problem on the bus with Rosa Parks. She was a seamstress that after a tired long day at work walked onto the city bus in Alabama and sat down on the only seat that was open. A white male walked on the bus and wanted to sit down so he and the bus driver wanted Rosa Parks to get up so he could. Rosa Parks decided not to get up and give him her seat. She ended up being arrested protest started. Brown v. Board of Education (1954) was when the Supreme Court case that attacked the notion of "separate but equal". This also added fuel to the fire for this time frame of student protests, marches, boycotts, and so on. But unlike a lot of people think these great events did not cause the Civil Rights Movement. These moments where very important in the whole campaign that did help start the whole direct action that lasted about two decades. Week 4 DQ 2
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