Lecture #4 - Multidimensional Databses - MDDBs and MOLAP...

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MDDBs and MOLAP Multidimensional Databases and MOLAP Database Evolution Flat files, hierarchical, and network Relational Distributed relational Multidimensional Multidimensional Databases Result of research at MIT in 1960s Database engine of choice for data analysis applications (OLAP) OLAP using MDDBs is called MOLAP Business process is multidimensional in the sense that mangers ask questions about product sales in different regions over specific time periods . Dimensions: Product, Region, Time period Fact or Measure: Sale A spreadsheet is a 2-dimensional data structure??? What about a stack of many similar spreadsheets for different time periods??? An MDDB is a computer software system designed to allow for the efficient and convenient storage and retrieval system of large volumes of data that is 1. 2. Stored, viewed and analyzed form different perspectives These perspectives are called Dimensions. A Motivating Example An automobile manufacturer wants to increase sale volumes by examining sales data collected throughout the organization. The evaluation would require viewing historical sales volume figures from multiple dimensions such as o Sales volume by model o Sales volume by color o Sales volume by dealership o Sales volume over time Analyzing sales volumes data from any one or more of the above dimensions can give answers to important queries such as: What is the trend in sales volumes over a period of time for a specific model and color across a specific group of dealerships? Consider the relation given below containing the manufacturer’s sales data: Dr. Navneet Goyal, BITS Pilani Page 1 of 6
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MDDBs and MOLAP SALES VOLUMES FOR GLEASON DEALERSHIP MODEL COLOR SALES VOLUME MINI VAN BLUE 6 MINI VAN RED 5 MINI VAN WHITE 4 SPORTS COUPE BLUE 3 SPORTS COUPE RED 5 SPORTS COUPE WHITE 5 SEDAN BLUE 4 SEDAN RED 3 SEDAN WHITE 2 COLOR M O D E L Mini Van Sedan Coupe Red White Blue 6 5 4 3 5 5 4 3 2 Sales Volumes The above matrix is a 2-D array. An array is a fundamental component of MDDBs. In an array, each axis is called a
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Lecture #4 - Multidimensional Databses - MDDBs and MOLAP...

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