IMED 2409 Lesson 5 Homework

IMED 2409 Lesson 5 Homework - IMED 2409 Lesson 5 Homework...

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IMED 2409 Lesson 5 Homework E1. I searched for a product on that I was completely unfamiliar with. After searching through the lists of products reference on the site, I chose flow meters. Flow meters as defined in the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia are device that measures the velocity of a gas or liquid. It has applications in medicine as well as in chemical engineering, aeronautics, and meteorology. Examples include pitot tubes, venturi tubes, and rotameters (tapered graduated tubes with a float inside that is supported by the flowing fluid at a level that depends on the flow rate). There are various types of flow meters which include pressure, gas, food service and fuel just to name a few. Flow meters can also vary by price. One thing that I was surprised by was the fact that most of the web sites did not offer online pricing. You actually had to place an order before the actual cost was visible and in some cases you had to call for pricing. I found that there are several different companies that offer flow meters.
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