IMED 2409 Lesson 3 Homework

IMED 2409 Lesson 3 Homework - IMED 2409 Lesson 3 Homework...

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IMED 2409 Lesson 3 Homework Exercise E1 With Citrix’s solution, our employees can Keep the data in the safest place with the best delivery method for Windows applications – application virtualization Enable mobility without limits, with end-user device and system independence for Windows and Web applications Let mobile employees work efficiently and well as they move from location to location and device to device throughout the day, with Citrix’s innovative technologies Know what’s happening at the workers’ end, by measuring performance and availability from the users’ perspective, wherever they are working and without IT leaving the office Accelerate application delivery over any WAN, anywhere, from any datacenter, anywhere, by optimizing the broadband connection between the branch office or other distant location and the enterprise datacenter, without modifying any network components or the need to tunnel traffic Maximize Web application performance while assuring application security and decreasing related server costs, with technologies to speed applications and reduce the number of server resources needed Speed Web application delivery up to 15 times, by combining comprehensive traffic management, application acceleration , network optimization, and attack defense Add award-winning application firewall options to protect Web servers without degrading throughput or application response times Reduce data security risks when delivering Windows desktops, by centralizing end-user desktops and data in the datacenter, thereby retaining control of the IP and reducing the security risk of data loss at the endpoint Deliver desktop applications without worrying about application and system conflicts and without lowering security standards, by streaming applications to a protected isolation environment instead of installing them on the user’s
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IMED 2409 Lesson 3 Homework - IMED 2409 Lesson 3 Homework...

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