IMED 2409 Lesson 2 Homework

IMED 2409 Lesson 2 Homework - IMED 2409 Lesson 2 Homework...

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IMED 2409 Lesson 2 Homework Exercise E1 The front runner in remote server access is a remote software suite named Citrix. Citrix software allows the remote access of client PCs and Servers. The technology developed by Citrix has proven to be very reliable over the many years of its existence (est.1989). Another remote access solution is using VPN tunneling to access your company servers. VPN tools and suites come with a wide range of protocol and speed options. VPN can be setup on laptops, net books or PDAs to allow for quick and simple connectivity to your internal servers. A third solution is instant messaging. Most commercial organization use some form of instant messaging for internal communication. This is a real-time solution that can be a great tool when time is of the essence. Instant messaging does have many positive aspects but also has some negative aspects. Having weighed the strengths and weaknesses of the various solutions, I feel that the Citrix solution is the way to go. Citrix has proven to be the most successful virtualization software on the market. Citrix can enable any employee to work with any device, anywhere, via any network available—wired or wireless, private or public, dedicated or dial-up . Citrix is purchased for each server which is to be accessed remotely. The client licenses for you mobile peripherals are free of cost. Our organization will automatically enjoy the benefits of this remote solution. With Citrix’s solution, our employees can Keep the data in the safest place with the best delivery method for Windows applications – application virtualization Enable mobility without limits, with end-user device and system independence for Windows and Web applications Let mobile employees work efficiently and well as they move from location to location and device to device throughout the day, with Citrix’s innovative technologies Know what’s happening at the workers’ end, by measuring performance and availability from the users’ perspective, wherever they are working and without IT leaving the office Accelerate application delivery over any WAN, anywhere, from any datacenter, anywhere, by optimizing the broadband connection between the
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IMED 2409 Lesson 2 Homework - IMED 2409 Lesson 2 Homework...

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