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expos pape 4b (rough) - Sutton 1 Expository Writing 101...

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Sutton 1 Expository Writing 101 Kimberly Robinson Assignment #4b: Stahasha Sutton Selflessness in Generation Me We live in a society in which people are taught to believe they have a higher purpose within the universe. People are taught from when they are young, depending on their background and culture, that what they do reflects who they are and what they would become. We view things in how we want to perceive them. When we view ourselves in a way that would like to be perceived as good, that we treat others in the way we want to be treated in return. Therefore, we like to be seen as selfless. Selflessness according to Robert Thurman is defined as someone who is always changing, who interconnects with others and everything and they do not think of themselves. In the essay “Wisdom”, by Robert Thurman, he describes a deeper sense of interconnectedness, a realization that you do not have a fixed sense of self, but rather a self that is always changing. He then describes the pseudo self as artificially constructed, unreal and unrealistic self. In discussing selflesnesss, Thurman seeks to show that the selflessness guarantees that people can become happy, unselfish and better people. In the essay, “Immune to Reality”, author Daniel Gilbert describes how our psychological immune system reflects the way people perceive themselves on which manner in how we conduct in society. Gilbert’s uses the concepts of the psychological immunes system to understand how we go about the “pursuit of happiness”. He defines the psychological immune system as an unconscious defense mechanism to protect ourselves from bad things changing by changing negative actions or events in our life to positive ones. Finally in the essay, “An Army of Me”, author Jean Twenge, describes how the
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Sutton 2 Baby Boomers fought their way to be different from their parents and their pursuit of being freed from their parents and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. However, their offspring, Generation Me, felt no need to do anything because they are content with who they are. All three authors describe how selflessness in one self can be determine by the certain challenges they face and journey they must go through to identify within themselves. To achieve selflessness one must realize there are certain components that must be faced to understand the extent of becoming selfless. Therefore, in order to achieve selflessness, Generation Me would need to realize that they need to change their psychological immune system, Generation Me
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expos pape 4b (rough) - Sutton 1 Expository Writing 101...

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