Amanda wants help - factors from her past and present that...

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Amanda wants help 1 Amanda wants help Audrey Hinely University of Phoenix Axia College
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Amanda wants help 2 Amanda wants help Now that Amanda is 30 years old, she has adapted herself into serious substance abuse that will take long-term treatments for her to be drug free. Ever since Amanda was 15, she has been into prescription pills that were not hers, alcohol, and cigarettes. Some strategies I would recommend for Amanda is she needs to seek therapy, and rehab. If Amanda is in rehab, she will be able to have the social support she needs from others who are in the same boat as her. In addition, she will need to be on a program that starts her out slow; therefore she is not trying to cure herself cold turkey because I believe she would relapse back into her habits and she will not want to seek help. Amanda needs to learn how to open up to people and ask for help because she does not have an opened relationship with her parents, and that is unhealthy for her. Certain
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Unformatted text preview: factors from her past and present that will make the recovery process difficult are that she lived in a recurring lifestyle she is used to, and I believe it will be hard for her to come to realization that she needs to clean up. Additionally, it seems like she does not have any motivation in herself or from friends and family, which can be hard when you are trying to recover from a situation that is serious. In conclusion, Amanda needs help triggering thoughts that make her want to keep break away from her addiction and the want to quit. There are some recovery programs available for Amanda; however, she would need the finances, which I think her parents should help her with. I believe Amanda needs to look into some recovery program in order to help with her cognitive thoughts on her substance abuse....
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Amanda wants help - factors from her past and present that...

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