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Hinduism 1 Hinduism Audrey Hinely University of Phoenix Axia College
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Hinduism 2 Hinduism Hinduism is an almighty, yet diverse, religion and is referred to Sanatanna Dharma; which is known to be one of the oldest religions throughout the world. For thousands of years, Hindu’s have worship one main deity but recognize other deities and lived their lives through purity and peacefulness. For example, they believe in reincarnation, yoga, meditation, karma and cleansing the spirit. Additionally, there are three major deities which are Saktas who worship more of a feminine aspect; which is a goddess, Savities who practice meditation and their supreme deity is Siva, and Vaishnavites worship a peaceful and tender god Vishnu. Hinduism has no founder and is not considered to be an actual religion based off a founder, but evolved through the beliefs off of the Brahmanic traditions through the Vedic ages and these beliefs were brought by different types of spiritual discipline (Fisher, 2005). One very interesting fact about Hinduism is that they believe everyone comes from all different walks of life and has some type of purpose to fulfill. Additionally, Hindu’s are firm believers of reincarnation and karma; which has helped shape
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Hinduismpaper - Hinduism 1 Hinduism Audrey Hinely...

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