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GEO 4120 Aerial Photo Interpretation final exam 2009

GEO 4120 Aerial Photo Interpretation final exam 2009 - GEO...

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GEO 4120c Aerial Photograph Interpretation Name ___ Mid-term Examination: 100 points possible. Read each question carefully before answering. Use your own writing and diagrams – cut-and-paste downloads from web sites or books or anywhere else are not acceptable. Hand in by placing in your folder on G:\share\GEO4120c Air Photo Interpretation\ your_folder , and then send me an e-mail telling me that you did so. Your answers must fit on the same page of the question (and aerial photograph if shown). 1. A) ( 10 points ) Describe the principles of land-cover/land-use classification systems. The land-cover/land-use classification system uses the basic characteristics of land in an air photo to develop categories for the different coverings. From the basic characteristics, each category can be broken down further into a more specific usage/cover of the land. The breakdown can continue for two or three categories to give the best description of the land. B) ( 10 points ) Choose one of the systems that has been devised (you don't have to use one that was described in lecture), list its levels of classification, and describe the spatial scale most appropriate for each level.
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