QB-Ckey - BIO320 Spring 2010 Answer key for question bank C...

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BIO320 Spring 2010 Answer key for question bank C GENETIC TECHNOLOGY I: RESTRICTION ENZYMES, DNA CLONING AND BLOT HYBRIDIZATION 1. D 2. D 3. B 4. E 5. C 6. D 7. A 8. B 9. D* 10. B 11. Map 4 12. A 13.D 14.A 15.D 16.A . 17 ,1 restriction digest & gel electrophoresis .2 make a probe; hybridize to a Northern blot. RT-PCR can set a minimum limit to the size. .3 sequence the cloned DNA .4 Northern blot or RT-PCR, with RNA from different sources, or in situ ” hybridization (hybridizing a probe directly to transcripts in tissue slices or whole embryos). .5 Deduce from sequence of gene (or better, sequence of a cDNA clone) .6 Southern blot hybridization, under low-stringency conditions (to allow some mismatch between probe and similar but not identical sequences). Or PCR with degenerate oligonucleotides, based on conserved parts of the globin protein sequence. 18.B 19.D 20.A 21.C 22.B 23.B 24.B 25. i, depleted; ii, enriched iii, depleted iv, enriched v, enriched 26.E 27. plasmid: one or a few distinct bands; viral DNA: 10-20 bands, of various sizes; genomic DNA: a long smear with no distinguishable individual bands. 28.C 29.C 30.C 31.B 32.A 33.A 34.B 35.C 36. D* POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION; DNA SEQUENCING 37.C 38.D 39.E 40. D 41.C 42. E 43.C 44. B 45.D 46.A 47.A 48.A 49. B 50. C* GENOMICS 51. E 52.D 53.B 54.B 55. E 56. E 57. A 58. B 59. B DETECTING AND ANALYSING POLYMORPHISMS 60.B 61.E 62. B 63. enzyme H, probe 2. 64.B 65. d, a, b, e. 66.D 67.B 68.D 69.E 70.A 71.b 72.D 73.C 74.C 75. C REVIEW - TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES 76.1 a, .2 n .3 g (or d ), .4 f , .5 i , .6 o , .7 d , .8 d , .9 j , .10 k , .11 e , .12 l, .13 f 77. a.
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QB-Ckey - BIO320 Spring 2010 Answer key for question bank C...

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