est 330 - The definition of natural disaster Six hazards...

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EST-330 March 1, 2010 Exam review- The North American- Low pressure center Bermuda High- high pressure (year round) Storm travels clockwise around the Bermuda high Storm spins counter clockwise Steering mechanism Hurricane alerts- Hurricane watch- should be the trigger that sets of your hurricane…48hrs in advance. .threat A hurricane warning- completing protective action, decide evacuation plan…no longer a threat, it’s going to happen 1. Adequate amount of lead time to protect lives and properties 2. To keep over warning to minimum The most places Galveston bay Florida Keys The most vulnerable CITY - New Orleans- 30 hrs evacuation US-1990-50% population lived near coast line 15% of the world population lives in areas that are exposed to tropical cyclones 1988-Stafford ACT 1988- NATIONAL PARKS SERVICE CHANGED THEIR POLICY 1900-Galveston Hurricane, the greatest number of fatalities Disturbance Theory-all natural system are recovering from previous disturbances
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Unformatted text preview: The definition of natural disaster Six hazards associated with hurricanes 1. High winds 2. Coast flood 3. Inland floods 4. High wave 5. Rain 6. Tornadoes Difference between natural disasters and natural hazards Natural Disaster- damage to infrastructure, involves fatalities Storm surge- The four phases of Mitigation Preparedness Rapid onset- short lived- hurricanes, wildlife fire CRED.ORG Hurricane Pam George Hadley William Dampier Ben Franklin John Winthrop- first scientific measurement hurricane William Redfield- defined hurricane William Reid- rotation different in north and southern hemisphere Pidington Joseph Henry Father Vines- first hurricane prediction Section 409 mitigation plans Section 404 mitigation plans Hazard mitigation survey teams Detection of natural disasters...
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est 330 - The definition of natural disaster Six hazards...

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