Advantages of genetically engineered foods

Advantages of genetically engineered foods - Roy 1 Amit Roy...

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Roy 1 Amit Roy - 4124959 Jenifer ENG November 26, 2009 Positive implications of genetically modified food Our current global population is over 6 billion and growing exponentially every minute. At the same time our farming land is not increasing to feed this growing population. As the population around the world is increasing, more and more farming lands are being replaced to support the population. This results into having a lower food supply to support a greater population. Moreover farming the same land continually causes the land to lose its fertility and making the crop lose its nutritional value. In order to increase yield farmers induce excessive amount of chemicals to the soil. Even though these chemicals help increase the productivity they can create health hazards and they are harmful to our environment. For most of the over populated third world developing countries this causes starvation, poverty and diseases due to nutrition deficiency. Genetically modified food is an effective means of technology that shown tremendous benefits in addressing these crises. Genetic modification involves adding gene from one species in to the DNA of another species. By adding these new genes scientist create genetically modified food which consists with many new characters that nature cannot provide. ("Food safety") Our current research implicates that genetically modified foods can produce a large quantity of healthier food that can also improve our environment. The main implication of genetically modified food is that it is more productive and has a larger yield. Genetically modified foods are improved with inbuilt resistance to pests and
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Roy 2 herbicides. Moreover genetically modified foods are capable of growing in adverse soil or weather. Insect is a major agricultural problem because farmers lose a large amount of crop every of it. These insects can damage the crop both in the field and after they are stored away. Globally 25% of the crops are destroyed every year because of insects attack. In many poor developing countries for the farmers this is the leading cause for starvation and poverty. Farmers usually use chemical pesticides to prevent the insects from destroying the crop. However excessive usage of pesticides can cause health hazard and consumers usually avoid buying those products. These
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Advantages of genetically engineered foods - Roy 1 Amit Roy...

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