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mn100_2009-10_outline - MN100 1B Management and the Modern...

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MN100 1B: Management and the Modern Corporation, 2009/2010 Course Coordinator Ed Clark Founders East, FE154 [email protected] Lecturer Ed Clark Founders East, FE154 [email protected] Other Course Tutors Joyce Ko Moore Annexe [email protected] Kenisha Linton Moore Annexe [email protected] Meera Sarma Moore Annexe [email protected] Shuchi Sinha Moore Annexe [email protected] Sunnie Zheng Moore Annexe [email protected] Contents Page Brief outline and aims of the course 1 Learning outcomes 1 Organisation of the course 2 Accessing MN100 documentation through Moodle 2 Overview of lecture and workshop topics 2 Lecture programme 3 Workshop programme 6 Assessment 8 Course assignment work 8 Reading and references 9 General information 11 B RIEF O UTLINE AND A IMS OF THE C OURSE The course offers foundation studies of the nature and process of management and organisation by examining key ideas of modern management theory and practice within an intellectual and historical context. While the lectures serve to introduce key concepts, theories and issues that permeate the world of management, the workshops provide an opportunity for students to explore these ideas critically in an informal environment. The main aims of the course are: To examine the origins and nature of management as a social process To examine the nature and development of organisation and organising in modern industrial society To consider management and organisation through historical, comparative and theoretical perspectives To explore key theoretical insights derived from the analysis of management and the modern corporation To provide a sound and relevant foundation to the study of management as an undergraduate discipline. L EARNING O UTCOMES By the end of this course you should be able to: Describe and explain basic concepts and theories of management and organisation Apply these ideas to a range of practical management and organisational problems Demonstrate an awareness of the intellectual and practical origins of modern management Explain the emergence of modern management within its particular socio-economic context Offer a critical knowledge of modern management and organisational practices Present a reflective understanding of this body of knowledge in both written and spoken forms. 1
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O RGANISATION OF THE COURSE The course comprises a programme of 20 weekly lectures and 8 broadly fortnightly workshops, each of two-hour duration. Lectures are designed to present a broad overview of selected concepts, theories or issues that are relevant to the study of modern management and organisation. A lecturer is expected to offer her/his views of the literature, referring to readings and research studies as they arise. Textbook and other identified readings support the lectures.
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