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Physics 2102 - Physics 2102 Fall 2009 Introduction to...

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Physics 2102 Fall 2009 Introduction to Physics for Technical Students Text : Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker, 8 th edition (Wiley). Course web address : Purpose : To introduce the concepts and methods of electromagnetism, electromagnetic waves, and circuits at the level of a beginning scientist, or engineer. To build problem solving skills and to effectively use mathematics to describe nature. To understand the scientific method and the use of measurement to understand nature. This course covers chapters 21-33,35-36 and 38 of your textbook. There are a few sections that will be omitted as noted on the course schedule. Please note that chapter 38 will not appear in the PHYS2102 version of the textbook available at the LSU bookstore. We will be making the reading material for this chapter available via the course web site prior to covering this material in class. You are required to read the assigned relevant material in the textbook prior to attending the lectures (see the following lecture and reading schedule). Quizzes on the assigned reading will be given during the lecture period from time to time to check that students are keeping up with the assigned material. You will be expected to be able to discuss the relevant material from the reading assignment. Homework : A homework assignment consisting of approximately 20 problems and a few questions from the text will be assigned on WebAssign once each week. Answers to homework will be entered into WebAssign via the Internet. It will be due on Tuesday's at 11:59 PM. WebAssign has the feature that it gives you instant feedback allowing you to retry problems answered incorrectly. To access WebAssign you will need to self enroll. To self enroll you will need a course number which is available for each section on the individual sections web page which can be accessed from the course web page (see above). When self enrolling you will be asked for a username and password. To protect your identity, please refrain from using social security numbers or LSU ID numbers as your username. The web address for WebAssign is . Some bookstores will sell the text and
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Physics 2102 - Physics 2102 Fall 2009 Introduction to...

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