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Assignment 1 - include the URL if you get the article from...

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Tasks:  1. Find an internet or non-internet magazine article that discusses what you think is the most  pressing health issue facing the U.S. today. Copy it or print it. 2. Write a one-paged, single-spaced response to the article (must be word-processed; no  hand-written work will be accepted). One paragraph should be summary; i.e., what is the  article about? What are its main points? One-to-two paragraphs should be evaluation of the  author's point of view. Do you agree with his/her representation of the topic? Is there  sufficient support for the topic? Was anything major left out of the article? Was anything  overstated? Other: additional evaluation you think is necessary.   3. Format: put your name, the course number and section, my name, and the date on the  left side of the page, at the top. Put a works cited entry where a title or label would go; 
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Unformatted text preview: include the URL if you get the article from the internet; do not center it. Then double space and begin your response as indicated above. Staple your article copy or printout to it to hand in as you walk into class. 4. Sources: Do not use Wikipedia for any reason in any college assignment. It is unreliable. Do not use The Reveille for this assignment. Choose any of the following, or other that you get approved by me before writing: MSN.com/health; cnn.com; time,com; newsweek.com; 2theadvocate.com; any other large city newspaper; standard print (newstand-type) magazines: Men's Health; Women's Health; Fitness, Shape, Prevention; Parents; U.S. News and World Report; Sports Illustrated; others as approved before you write....
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  • Spring '08
  • non­internet magazine article, pressing health issue, U.S. today. Copy, large city newspaper, non­internet magazine

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